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Goals & features

For the students under vocational education system in Taiwan, liberal education literacy had been a challenge for the advanced development of their career especially when having job promotion; broader knowledge and deeper critical thinking are required.  While the job change is getting more frequent in a globalized society today, professional career becomes much shorter.  Thus, general education will play a more important role in colleging, far beyond the traditional liberal art education.


In First Tech general education is designed to help students develop multiple Intelligences.  It is regularly reviewed for better learning outcomes. Based on Fundamental literacy of First Tech general education, general education and professional education are complementary, and extracurricular activities are supplementary.





The center for general education in First Tech is a college-level organization.  Its decision making on planning and development has to be approved by a committee which is formed of deans and representatives of teaching faculty and students.  It would help to achieve integrated viewpoints, reach a consensus and develop coordination.  These integral efforts may lead to a better excellence of general education in the University.  Its specific features can be described as follows.

 1.  Systematic program structure

Referring to the ancient Chinese education, the University first in Taiwan takes in physical education and martial training as part of general education.  The whole program takes the students’ background, the University development and the society needs into account, and the curriculum is divided into two main categories which are the ‘Core program’ and the ’Liberal Arts program’.  The courses of the former are required and those of the latter are selectable.  Such a ‘set meal’ structure is elaborated to balance and diversify the study.

2.  High proportion of credits required

The credits of general education are accounted for a quarter of the total credits required for a diploma.  This emphasizes the importance of general education to the students in vocational education system.

3.  An all around teaching faculty

The University makes efforts to encourage teaching staffs to perform their talents and abilities beyond their professional field.  In the program the full time teaching staffs are mainly accounted for the ‘Core program’ while the ‘Liberal Arts program’ are taken by part time lecturers.

4.  A reserved common class period

The University sets a rule to reserve a common class period for general education courses, which professional courses should keep away from, so that students can freely select general education courses and have chances to meet interdisciplinary classmates.  Meanwhile the teaching staffs can co-teach through cross-department cooperation.  Such a privilege also signifies the importance of general education in First Tech.

5.  Campus practicing with extracurricular activities

A series of campus wide general education related activities, such as master speeches, competition week, students’ works exhibitions, are regularly held.  And an intact exhibition hall showing diversified art and cultural works provides a better environment to rich and broaden the students’ mind and horizons in their daily life.